Sunday, 10 February 2008

‘To be in the world but not of it’.+How do we deal with destructive behavior?

‘To be in the world but not of it’.

This statement illustrates the separation of light and dark, of higher vibrations and lower ones. It is a statement which shows us those who are ‘in the world’ resonating as you all do now on Earth. But to be ‘in the world but not of it’ means to be there on Earth and to be living at a vibrationary rate and level that allows open vision of what is truly there.

We speak of this particular level only as a start—there are many more dimensions beyond, but those will be revealed as you grow and learn even more.

But we ask you to take one step at a time and master each one before taking on a new task, and this is a good indication for all – not just for you. You cannot lay a brick down upon another until the first is laid and solidly in place.

So as a synopsis; all of you could learn to communicate with us for further help and instruction; from that basis, you can teach others. The steps we have spoken about will naturally bring a peacefulness to all who experience it. You can best teach by example, and so begin with the self.

You asked us how we deal with destructive behavior. We answer:

We do not deal with it. Whoever chooses destructive behavior has made that choice. We can only illustrate by example, how beautiful non-destructive behavior is. In this endeavour, we hope and expect that whomever we touch will be attracted to who we are and how we feel, and will want that for themselves.

Thus—it is like two tuning forks. If we resonate the way we are loudly and clearly in places where destructive behavior is strong, our aim is that those who are in destructive patterns, (who are like the other tuning fork) will pay attention to our vibrations. This stops the flow frequency from the negative behavior, and if held for long enough, our frequency will begin to resonate in them, and the old pattern of energy will not resonate any more.

You have a story in your Bible about Jesus: speaking about when he walked amongst the crowds and people were healed. The people there paid attention, and allowed his vibrations to change theirs. Once they were resonating at his frequency – they were healed of all imbalances, no matter what they were.

So it is that we hope our presence will allow those with destructive behavior to change of their own free will. All that is required, is that you pay attention to anything other than that which you are focused on normally (which perpetrates destruction). If you change focus, destruction is no longer possible – just as if you change judgement to non-judgement your perception of your world will change also.

This stage one, and as far as we can take you in this area.

Questions Answered: How you can best help each other to assist your planet in its continued growth.

Each one of you can help in his or her own way; planting a tree or cultivating the Earth is one option, but that which has even more profound effect is the way you look upon all things. Your thoughts towards living entities such as plants and trees is of the utmost importance.

Know that nature has a divine order that is more organised than human behaviour. It is in harmony with universal energy and follows the mathematical and geometrical patterns according to the laws of frequency and sound; nature responds intimately to its own inner sound and the ensuing harmonics of that sound.

The Phi spiral is a perfect example of frequency at work. If you could hear the melody or signature sound of a Nautilus shell, a tree, a fir cone, or almost everything in nature, you would hear the song of Universal Harmony.

It begins with the genetic signature of itself, this establishes the fundamental tone. From there, the harmonics evolve producing a pattern of growth which you have named Phi. But Phi is in itself the matrix for so many forms, and each is a fractal or holographic representation of the whole.

We refer to patterns within patterns that form one aspect or note of a bigger melody that reverberates throughout the Universe. Each different mathematical calculation gives its own pattern, and is one aspect of a greater whole.

Gratitude and appreciation for the miracle which is within you and outside of you in nature is one way to enrich and enhance the quality of resonance. Even when you perceive ‘garbage’, you can look upon the structure of everything and marvel at its tonal composition.

There is nothing which is good or bad, it is all part of all that is. Only you, by placing the energetic signature of judgement on any given thing will change your perception of it, and therefore your reality.

In truth, multilayered true reality is always right in front of you, but is shaped into your personal concepts by your judgement.

Everything IS, and in order to truly perceive that, do not overlay the energy it gives out with judgement, as this changes how it is perceived.

We would wish that you could truly see what is all around you; through the dimensions, as we do; but this ability will grow as you learn to erase the layers of illusion you create and begin to see everything as it actually is.

Everything that you desire to help others with, hinges on an ability that we all have; one that has applications in all dimensions, and that is to really see.

To bring the personal vibrations to a still point where all thoughts are void and all feelings are open to receive. As we have said before, when you quiet the logical reasoning and allow anything to be possible, then all of that which is truly miraculous becomes apparent; and in truth, this is all encompassing.

Everything from an empty can or a microchip, to a piece of paper or passion fruit flower holds the same energy of all, and awe, within it.

All of creation is filled with the energy of the Creator Source, and when you all begin to resonate with it, your perception of the world will alter and you all will begin to see where you really are.

And this in turn affects all levels of living and being, like dominoes falling over.
Some of you on Earth call this ‘Ascension’, and indeed, you will be ascending from one perception of reality to another.

It is not about ‘going to heaven’ and yet it is; because that which is truly all around you could be called Heaven, when perceived through unclouded eyes and felt with non-judgemental emotions.

Friday, 8 February 2008

Ptplec Told me this would happen!

I thought I would post this as Ptplec, my Andromedan Friend, told me this would occur. It written in my new e-book To Andromeda and Beyond. under the 'buy the book' page. :o)

Earth Change Report URGENT FLOOD ALERT

November 08, 2007 Tidal Wave Poses "Extreme Danger To Life."

1300 hrs Pacific Time Thursday Nov 08 2007.

From the Desk Of ECR Editor Michael Knight

The Daily Mail says an urgent alert has been issued because a tidal wave is threatening coastal areas of England and Europe.

"A three-metre tidal surge is predicted to surge down the English Channel in the next 12 hours posing an "extreme danger to life and property", experts have warned.

Coupled with storms and high tides, the wave could leave swathes of the east coast under water, according to the Environment Agency.

A combination of gale force winds off the coast of Scotland and high tides are expected to cause floods which could breach sea defences."

European forecasters today warned of high winds, extreme snowfall and avalanches.