Wednesday, 21 November 2007

New book:Your Inner and Outer self. Getting rid of ''Stuff''

Now the Andromedan female ‘Mir’, is nudging me to focus my attention on the middle of my body, which is where my waistline would be, in between my naval and solar plexus. She's talking about things which are in deep, and I'm drawing back from the conversation and looking at that area of the body, and the words she is saying are ‘ in depth’.

So, I'll just check and see what she means by this. Aha! Right, I understand.

Mir: We have spoken in the past about the brain and the mind; we have spoken about the heart area, and now I want to go to the area here, around the naval, the middle of the body, and speak to you about its connections to the Earth and family.

Elaine: I was going to add here that this area is sometimes known as the Hara by martial arts people. But I am corrected, because the area she is referring to is slightly higher, and really on the waistline. She is giving me a visual of being connected to my mother with an umbilical cord, but I'm also looking right through the body from that point to the spine, just where the spine joins with the pelvis.

She is saying that this is also an important point in the body, because this is the area where we store all things, such as emotions, and earthly things that keep us anchored to everything that is here. This is interesting because we were just talking earlier about me and my possessions, and my need to sort through and get rid of all the excessive ‘stuff’ I have collected over time.

I find it fascinating to compare to you, Steve, because you find that getting rid of your possessions is extremely easy, and I find it very difficult. So I am going to be quiet and stop talking now, and ask Mir what it is that she wants to say.

Mir: All the things that you humans fight about and get stressed with are all those things pertaining to the ‘I’, or the self; the ‘I’ you recognize as who you are when you look in the mirror.

And the ‘I’ that you recognize in Earth terms needs identification; needs an identity which is apart from who we are in the outside world; that being maybe someone’s boss or a garage owner or a bus conductor.

But the ‘I’ within the personal world need mirrors within the things that are around it to reflect the self back to you. Now when I say mirrors, I don't mean the real mirrors that you look in to brush your hair. I mean, when Elaine looks at her medical books, and her art books, and finds it so hard to let go of them. There is self identification when you look at something like that that says, yes, that's part of me. Yes, that's something I love, and something I identify with, and it's something I wish I was, or is part of me.

Elaine: For me, I don't necessarily wish that I had been a doctor, but if I had been a doctor, I would be in a much better position than I am now in order to help people with their health problems, in terms of Earth qualifications and prestige. And also when it comes to being an artist; had I taken the place offered to me in Art college and got myself a degree in art, then I think I would carry much more weight, and be more ‘saleable’ in the art world within the structure of expectations that people have about what is art, and who artists are.

And so I see that those things, those art and medical books, give me a sense of security and identification; a ‘let's not forget that this is part of you’ feeling, which is why I find it so hard to let go of them.

Mir: The same applies with music, and the musical instruments that you love, and so on. It's because part of you would have loved to have been a musician on a grander scale, rather than on a small scale. All these things are mirrors that reflect back to you, and are like cushions around you; they support you in maintaining your sense of identity, reminding you who you are and where you fit into society.

And they resonate not necessarily in the mind, but that is where they might end up; they resonate here at the waistline in between the bottom of the stomach and the naval, simply because this is your anchor pin to your credibility on earth. I suppose you could call it the solar plexus, but it is a bit lower than that.

This is also where you store your images of how you think other people see you, and how that matches to the self image you have created inside.

Elaine: (Again, this is a topic we were talking about earlier)

Mir: This is commonly why, when you are upset, the feeling in the ‘stomach’ and the digestion is very acute, and sometimes you can feel very sick, and you need to go to the bathroom or toilet. This happens when something upsets you on a very personal, ‘who am I’ level.

And if we are to be detached from this storehouse of imagined perception of the self, then we need to pull the plug (as it were) and lose our sense of identity. This is a step towards not being one thing, but being all things.

When I say, ‘lose your sense of identity’ that, in human terms, comes across as very scary or frightening; because unless you know who you are, things can get difficult in the world. Do not mistake what I say for lack of self esteem, self worth or identity.

I want you to look at this in a finer way and say to yourself; it is a transition from self imposed limits to unlimitedness. First you let go of your concepts of who you think you are, and this for Elaine will make letting go of all her paraphernalia, her mirrors, much easier. But it then comes full circle to the next level, so that you understand that you are all the things only more so, Everything.

So, instead of wanting to have been a doctor, or wanting to have been a ‘qualified’ artist with a degree, or a botanist or chemist (and I know Elaine has all these desires inside of her); lose that identification with what represents those things on earth.

For example, the concept that you must have a whole bucketful of qualifications and study in order to be someone. You can step out of that into the knowing that we are all botanists, chemists and artists and that we are all part of everything.

Take off the labels, cover up those mirrors that give you back earthly conceptual reflections, and then allow a more universal ‘dome’ over the top of you to be the thing that reflects back to you which is: you are nothing but you are also all things.

And when I say nothing, I do not mean inconsequential, I mean, you are without Earthly identification, a slot.

Come out of your BOX, the slot that you put yourself in, and become MORE.
As I have said before, this is a step towards loosening up the energy in this area that keeps you very much anchored to concepts and possessions.

Take someone like your friend Steve, who has slowly been shedding all the mirrors around him; has few possessions, and whose identification now is really only as a creative person. His chosen path was within the realm of music, and now it's within the realm of film, and even that is identification.

Steve, you are creator of mood and expression, a creator of subtle inference.

If you can step into the ‘I am nothing’ (and that doesn't mean you don't amount to anything, it does not have earth connotations; rather it means I am identity free); after having experienced that place, you will find that your life path is leading you towards stepping into a place of ‘I am all things’.

For example, it's like having total amnesia. If you had total amnesia and didn't know that you could play the piano, or didn't know that you could create beautiful films, not only would you rediscover what you can do, you would also re-discover what you don't know you can do now.

This area of the body that we speak about obviously connects directly to the brain. It contains the way we think and view the world, the seeing of colours; everything that relates to the inner self, in fact. It is a genetically inherent tendency that you learn who you are from reflected outside sources right from the beginning of your life, even including whether you are male or female.

Elaine: Okay, I understand what Mir has said so far, and I ask her the question: what do we actually do with this? How do we achieve this thing…. when you say, ‘pull the plug out’. What do you really mean, in practical terms?

This is very interesting; as an answer, she has just come up with another concept from me to look at.

She is showing me a visual of myself with a blindfold on and saying:

Mir: Imagine if you were blind and had no concept of what you looked like, and you could not see what it was you were eating when it was in front of you. Every sensation, smell and taste would be different, and your analysis of what was happening around you would be coming from a different place too.

It wouldn’t be coming from here in the stomach area, it would be coming from your finer senses, such as your subtle sense of smell and your heart feeling. You would ask yourself, how does it feel? Do I feel good today? You would not say ‘do I look good? Let's look in the mirror. You would say, ‘Do I feel good and do I feel comfortable? What do I really want?

If you are not using your sight to identify things such as cake, biscuits or pork chops, pink cardigans, or shiny shoes….. which are all about ‘how do I look to others’ and what do I think I want….. Then it comes down to how do I feel about myself and what do I feel I need to eat?

If it were a pair of shoes the difference would be not, ‘are these the latest fashion’, but ‘do these feel comfortable and kind to my feet’? Do they feel like they belong to me? When it comes to food you would be very much more in touch with your body. You would ask internally, does my body need or want something sweet, something with vitamin C in it, or something with protein?

If you referred to your feelings within all these areas…. not just sight and smell, but also taste and hearing and touch, all things which are truly what you need or want would be much more easily accessible.

Elaine: This is a really good example to illustrate what she has been talking about. The whole point is about whether you focus your attention outside the self, or you focus your attention inside.

I allowed myself to be distracted just then by a noise outside and I opened my eyes, and it was like pulling the plug out of my connection to her. To be truthful, I think she (Mir) has done this purposely; because if I was in a ‘reading’ with someone I can do that easily… I can open my eyes, close them again and go back to where I was in the reading.

It’s usually not a problem for me, which is why I did it just then. But maybe she has given me this as an example of pulling the plug out or pulling the connection out to accessing so much more with their eyes closed.

Of course we need to be able to do it with our eyes open eventually, but that whole flow of information from her is gone now, once I became occupied with the distraction outside.

I see it now; it's almost like when you are distracted by things around you, that is when you are blind. That’s when you can't see, when your eyes are open, because of all the visual distractions, and because you are turning off your sensory perception in order to allow visual input. When you visually take in so many frames per second, all that data diverts you away from what you should be sensing.

This has all happened at exactly 7 o’clock on the 7th July 2007 and I wonder if there is any significance in that, or whether there is some kind of planetary thing going on! I do find it phenomenal that my connection was closed so abruptly in the middle of receiving messages from Mir; and when I looked at my watch, it was exactly 7 o'clock. So I can only guess at the meaning, but as a lesson, it did make an impact! Very spooky!!

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Thursday, 15 November 2007

My New Book-- Pre Publication offer

Hi everyone, and a million thanks for reading my blog. It is the only way I can get this important information out quickly.
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Blessings to you all