Monday, 29 October 2007

From my new book: Telepathic communication and more.

Ptplec the Andromedan teaches me about our internal telepathic navigation systems.

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And now, in an instant, he is taking me into the interior of a spaceship. The atmosphere, the air, and the feel of it is totally right. Instead of an outdoor feeling --smell the fresh air, see the light,-- this is a very soft, muffled, well insulated, still place. It has a constant warm temperature to it, and I have gone from somewhere in the ship where the walls were all padded, to a bank of hollow tubes with ‘Plexiglas’ doors on the fronts. I just know that they are sleeping compartments. To use them for sleep, you pull out the half tube, get on, and then slide back in again and close the door. To my mind, this would probably seem less than comfortable, as there is not much space. It is a bit like being in an MRI scanner!

One advantage, though, is that you can see out, because the doors or portholes are clear and quite big. There is a whole block of them, and it would be like being inside of a beehive, where all the compartments or cells in the beehive have the person in each one. Well, it's almost like that except the compartments are round instead of hexagonal, as in a beehive.

Next door to that there is like some kind of galley that has a door you can open and go inside. It's like a ‘kitchen’, and there are buttons on the wall, and some kind of fluid or water there. It is all artificially lit with soft lighting, and lots of material that looks like stainless steel.

Ptplec tells me that it is not stainless steel but something else, even though that’s what it looks like. The reason he is taking me to this place is because he is getting me to feel the surfaces of everything, and to get into the feeling or the sensory information of the ‘whoosh’ noise when the door closes on one of those little pod things.

The feeling is almost tangible, like a sensation of pressure in the body. This whole atmosphere is hugely sensory. I am able to feel the very still warm air, and this is all part of my experience here.

He is demonstrating to me the beginning steps of where telepathic communication takes you, with visuals, being able to hear, see, smell and touch, and to really be able to feel everything totally, so that you see it, feel it and you know it.

He says that this the beginning stage of being so ‘there’, that you really are.

When I saw myself walking around his house, my energy body or some part of me was really there, and he tells me that the part of me that was there is located in my head, in my brain somewhere. He says it was not my entire energy body, because that is still occupying space where my physical body is. So I am also very much aware of my physical body here in the room on Earth whilst this is all going on.

So the part of me that went there originates in my head, somewhere in my brain, and it is not a physical bit, but an energetic part from my brain. Maybe it's my energetic awareness?

He is trying to demonstrate to us that if you have your eyes closed and you are not focusing your awareness on the room or the people around you, then you turn off that outside ‘television set’ and go inside to the internal viewer, you can get all the same senses with that, like smell, touch, feeling. The big thing is that this part of you is free to go anywhere. Ptplec says it's the same part of your energy that you use when you go remote viewing, and that its available to all, as everyone has it located in their brain area.

Question: Is there a way of developing this for everyone?

Ptplec: Yes, it is the same, and follows on from what I have already been telling you. You have to start to turn off your logical thinking and go into the realms of energy. You Earth people call it so many things, like clairvoyance, insight, and some call it imagination. This is where it begins; you need to cultivate your inner imagination and inner vision. That is why it is so important for people to just sit still, shut your eyes to close off the external information around you, and focus your attention inwardly.

Elaine: He also demonstrates that there is a point somewhere in the centre of my head where this ‘inner television screen’ is. He also points to two places behind my ears just above the mastoid bones, and I can see that this makes a triangle or a triangulation.

He reminds me about when his mother (Mir) spoke to me about these two places behind my ears being antenna, or my ‘receiving nodes’. He explains that if you were to draw this triangle inside your head, the baseline would be right at the back of your head behind your ears from one side to the other, and the third point would form the triangle at a point in the centre of your head.

Ptplec: It is this energetic triangle that creates the inner vision for you. This triangular antenna enables you to use the inner ‘television set’, and the ‘antenna’ and the ‘set’ work in tandem to locate where it is you want to go. Elaine: I can't say that I understand fully what that means yet, but that is what he is telling me.

Now this is interesting!

Ptplec says: You know when you have something wrong with your ears? Humans lose their sense of balance, and sometimes you can also lose your sense of direction.

Humans have an inbuilt electro-magnetic sensing device like you see in so many animals, (such as homing pigeons and animals that migrate). They follow electro magnetic pathways which they use for finding their direction. This is an inner directedness, which you can see when whales find their way around the world, for example. Humans have this ability but you are mostly unaware of it and don't use it to a great extent. For example, if you are out in a car somewhere, needing to find a certain place, this guidance system comes into action when you follow your intuition, or you have a ‘hunch’ that you must take a left turn.

So many of you have cut yourselves off from the energy of this area of the brain, that you don't use it at all; I encourage you all to change and get used to using it, as it's an important part of the energy that will be much more in use in the future.

Elaine: He is now makes reference to the whole back part of the head; saying that there is so much to learn about energetically in there, and we will be starting to use it to stretch and wake-up over the next coming decade.

Question: Are there (nonphysical) energetic things extending outside the body like these antenna that can be seen in the aura?

Ptplec: No, there are not extended energetic antenna in your aura, but more like energy prints/maps in your auric field. These sort out and contain destination and position to anywhere in the world or Galaxy. For wherever you want to go, it is your homing device, direction finder, or ‘satellite navigation’ as it were. It's not a one pointed signal which comes out in a straight line, but a whole blueprint or map that has shape and energetic form.

Ptplec: Imagine two little circles at the points just behind your ears, and see that your energy comes out from your body here like a dome or half ball. It's not just a straight line, it is a 180° field and it joins with the energy of the point on the other side of your head to make a 360° field.

This is also part of your sensory guidance system. For example, maybe when you are out, you might feel as if there is someone behind you? Occasionally when out walking you feel someone behind you, looking at, or watching you?

When you look around to see who it is, this is when those energy nodes are at work. They give you spatial awareness, directional awareness, magnetic energy awareness; and when combined with your inner television screen, they give you a route map or satellite navigation for when you want to go somewhere mentally, or you need to find a way to get somewhere quickly, if in danger. I believe that answers the question?

Elaine: Yes, thank you.

Question: Within the discipline of some martial arts, the highest Masters cultivate high awareness and are able to direct their energy in all directions (360°) at the same time. Are they making use of that same energy field, but translating it into a more physical thing?

Elaine: This is interesting, Ptplec says that yes, they are.

Ptplec: The difference is that they are linking the two points above the ears with a third point above the eyebrows in the centre of the forehead (the third eye point), and that triangulation gives an awareness of your immediate physical surroundings.

Ptplec: When you are tuned in to your ‘internal television’, it is for you to project yourself outwards, and to travel and go somewhere energetically. Whereas the other triangulation point (the third eye) is for detecting what is out ‘there’ coming in.

So for example, if you were trying to sense if someone was going to ambush you; or if you were blind, and trying to be aware of objects in front of you, or perhaps a vehicle coming, that triangulation comes into action and your incoming receiver is at work.

Elaine: So we stretch out our energy fields in one configuration to sense what is incoming, whereas the other triangle to the internal ‘TV’ is outgoing, for us to travel out on. I find this fascinating!

Ptplec: There are many more incoming and outgoing triangular receiver antenna that link up to different places and other energetic points in the brain.

All these different points lock together to form individual triangular antennae. There is one point right on the crown of the head, which is above the ‘television screen’ area. This is up on the crown where a baby’s soft spot (fontanel) would be; and there is also one pointing down, like an upside-down triangle.

There are also more than one going down into the energy centres or chakras of the body.

Elaine: I thought he was going to say that there was one into the heart, (which is slightly off to the left of the body), and I think that’s connected to the heart energy. But he is saying no, that the energetic equivalent would be more into the centre of the body where the heart chakra is.

Ptplec: This antenna into the heart energy area enables you to be aware of what energy your heart is putting out, and also gives awareness of your physical body, for example, if you have pain or physical discomfort.

Elaine: So, these two points behind and slightly above your ears are extremely important, as they are the key antenna points to monitor your awareness of internal and external things. That's amazing!

He's also going on to say how you can use these antenna or sensors to read other peoples energy. He explains, for example, that when I am sitting talking to you, I am reading your energy by using you as the third point of the triangle; and that the sad part really was that I didn't know that that was what I was doing.

Ptplec: This is an automatically built in thing for the human body, and it is time to tell you, and for you to know what you are all capable of. This is the time for everyone to realize their potential and to know just how much you will be able to achieve in the future.

Elaine: Now he is pointing to a place right behind the bridge of my nose. It’s right where my glasses sit on the bridge of my nose. He says, if you go back inside the head maybe two or 2 1/2 inches. It's right there.

He says it is vital that I get this information absolutely correct, and that there is another important point. This is odd; he is telling me that the part I have just been talking about between the bridge of the nose is like a screen for an internal camera. I see a visual of when you are undergoing an operation, and there is a little camera that goes up your nose and down your throat.

So at the moment I am seeing the back of my throat; inside I can see a big artery, and many veins. It’s just like one of those television documentaries where you can see what the surgeon sees inside the body with the camera.

Ptplec says that we all have the ability to self direct and self heal, even when it comes to internal surgery!

Ptplec: The point behind the bridge of the nose (the ‘screen’) that triangulates with the two points behind the ears, is where you can locate, watch, and direct function of internal organs and body systems physically. This is an important point, not energetically but physically. This is used if you want to self diagnose or self repair.

I know that you have our own physical self repair system, such as when you cut your finger, it will heal by itself. But I am talking about clearing blocked arteries, and everything from strengthening muscles to repairing holes in the heart. This covers anything that the body doesn't generally do without direction or outside intervention.

Elaine: Okay, I accept what you have said, but I can also imagine how a lot of people would say that this is an impossible task or a hard statement to believe. I know they would say that they can't see inside their body, let alone clear blocked arteries!

I imagine they would say, what am I doing here--crossing my eyes and looking at the front of my nose? I can also see how it would take lots of practice and people would be resistant to it.

Imagine, for example, if a doctor came along and said you have got blocked arteries, or an ulcer or something internal that needed to be stitched up, people wouldn't even know where to start!

Ptplec: Yes, I understand your concerns, but what I'm showing you is what you will be able to do in the future. I am revealing talents and abilities that you have; that you use and maybe you didn't realize you used. They are like your directional navigation ability, and your intuitive guidance system. I am showing you that there are other parts located in your head and in your energy field that you can utilize to do other things you didn’t know you could.

Thursday, 4 October 2007

This is me

The Andromedan Female, Mir.

From New Book : The use of frequency for reactivating DNA

The Andromedan male Ptplec speaks:

Ptplec: Yes, there is some important information to give you on the use of frequency for reactivating DNA. In fact, it's already happening at this point in time. There is an energetic band containing a specific frequency which has been introduced into the field or atmosphere of your planet, which is altering people's DNA as we speak. This alteration is not an instantaneous thing; it can take from two or three months to two years to take effect on people.

And as we have previously discussed, this introduced frequency is primarily to modify the inclination towards violence and aggression in people on planet earth.

We do this for all of you because, you must have acceptance of others as being different to the self. If you can extend the hand of friendship to all instead of the fist of war, you will not continue along this path that you are on, which is polarization between those who will judge others and fight for pointless causes, and those who will work together for the common good of all.

It is by frequency that we will expand and enhance your DNA patterning over time: it is by frequency that we can adjust capabilities in people, because if the entire DNA contained within yourselves were activated, you could become anything you wish, at any point in time.

As one example, the seventh dimensional beings who visit this planet can appear, or take on the form of anything that they wish to be. So if they feel the need to appear as a human, tree, stone, dog or bumblebee, through intention all that is required is to activate the DNA patterns within themselves of such a creature or a thing.

You know from research that you have seen that your DNA as a human is not so far different from that of a chimpanzee, or a fruit fly, and it's like flicking a few mental switches to alter your patterning energetically, and to change your molecular structure to become anything you want.

Now, as I say this, you obviously inhabit a physical body and your physical body would need to be refined tremendously in order to achieve that, which is why you don't have all your DNA frequencies turned on….. you would probably explode! But as you progress, little by little, different things are turned on.

Think about this; what you call autistic savants have different sections of their DNA turned on. They have the ability for incredible dexterity with numbers, astounding talent with visual interpretation of their surroundings, and phenomenal musical talents.

Now all those talents and abilities are within everyone, but with the autistic savant, as they call them, in some cases their brains have turned on a particular set of genes, but to balance and in order to retain a degree of sanity, has turned off some of their social skills.

The human being can concentrate and display those talents, but if he or she were to have those abilities and all the social skills, you would call him a madman, because it would go beyond genius into what you label as insanity. As such, the human form has not yet learned how to command that kind of greatness of thinking, along with the external skills, and stay within the boundaries or what is classed as ‘normal’.

So you can imagine how you could be in the future, once the two are married and you have your external living in the world but having unlimited potential and unlimited qualities, and talents that you can use at any given point in time. And this is one of the most important reasons why you as humans must learn to master your emotions.

You must learn to be non-judgmental, that is, not to judge yourselves, and to not judge others.

The first step is to let all of your focus be in the now, to let everything around you be perfect as it is, and all be fine and okay. Knowing that you cannot yet see the bigger picture, and that everything has perfect order, allows you to let everything be as it is. Because when you think you see a fault or imperfection in anything around you, you are committing an error. It is an error by judgement, because everything is perfect and complete the way it is.

When you come to that, you reach a level of peace inside that says there is nothing I need to do, accept express myself and enjoy. For when you tap into the qualities that you all have, of perfect art, musicianship or creativity, should you be plagued or beleaguered by emotional conflict, doubt of the self, or punishment and judgement of the self, it then becomes madness, and the talent becomes wasted because the mind cannot handle it; the emotional body cannot handle it.

So, step by step, the frequencies unfold, and our first and primary mission is to help to bring humanity into a state of peacefulness, and that comes by taking away or changing your previous position as humans towards aggression.

And you will discover in the future, as you have seen before, that it is possible to create fourth dimensional music and sound vibrations. And as you create your holographic pictures and music in the air, it is possible to make the whole experience, be it visual film, or music, and make it a complete holographic sensory experience.

This sensory experience will have all stimulations, not just the physical senses, with smell, taste, touch, and hearing stimulated, but also your energetic body will be stimulated to see beyond what is visual and into the larger concept of what is presented to you.

The more you clean and lighten your physical body and refine your energy field, the more the brain is cleansed, giving you the ability to see the bigger event. When I say the word ‘see’, I do not mean with the eyes, but you will experience, feel, and know deep within, a previously invisible, unheard message, as an extension of the five senses you normally use.

You know, I have talked you previously about the five senses, using these senses, and the energetic points in the head. The whole reasoning behind all of this is to expand the energetic capability of the brain.

My mother previously told you about leaving logic behind, and allowing right brain spatial thinking to dominate; eventually not to be in ‘right brain left brain mode’ where the signals crossover from left to right, but to be in a whole ‘united’ mode, where the signals go from the front to the back of the head/brain. (see the book Voices from our Galaxy)

This mode will utilize both the receivers and antennae you have in the energetic brain, and your inner reception (or inner television screen), inner sight or inner knowing, or inner telepathy which has no words. The whole experience is a ‘felt’ or feeling experience.

Elaine: The beginnings of this technology are being created now on our planet. We spoke once before about the musical instrument called the Theremin, where you use magnetic fields to operate the musical instrument. This has gone on to be developed into using electronic energy to create 'body' music. The principle is, as you move yourself around a room where this equipment is set up, your body reacts with the magnetic field and you create sounds and music. So it is possible to dance a sound, and that exercise of dancing a sound is honing your ability to feel the music, and perfecting your ability to create without thinking. It's an energetic and body feeling process, and I am sure the autonomic nervous system comes into play then.