Friday, 30 March 2007

Info on The 12th Planet

Hawaii Tuesday 7th June 05

Seeing the new being from the 12th planet, and asking:

Q: Are you really from the 12th planet?

A: We are located there at the moment, but in reality we come in on a higher dimension than the one which is the visible dimension on this planet.

Q: I fear that the underlying messages being broadcast at the moment are that we most likely will die, or it will seem like that. Can you explain? I am confused.

A: The next 10 years on this planet will be turbulent, with many cataclysmic weather changes and events occurring. However, you will not die, per-se….but you will live in a different way to that which you have done before.

Q: What kind of way? Can you explain?

A: More peace—more connectedness, more knowing and insight. It will be a part of your ‘job’ to tell others of how it is. Your plans will come to fruition.

Q: What of the world?

A: We show you the planet Earth from a distance with its dramatic climate changes and as advancing sense of comradeship spreading throughout the people. Drama and loss will bring you all together, and we blanket the earth with the new vibration to collectively activate the care and love you have for each other. Call it genetic manipulation if you wish, but we prefer to see it as enhancing the love and diminishing the hate and discord amongst men on earth. To this end, it coincides with the need to be more like brothers in order to deal with the events on earth. It will be spread over time, but it will not be lingering and difficult as it has been in the past. Previously, the few struggled to be heard by the many. From now the tide will turn, and the many will influence the few for the good of mankind and the salvation of life.

Continue to spread your news in your own way. You form two hands linked in a chain that will cover the earth and the light will prevail. We now actively interfere with the folly of men to halt destruction. You will have enough to deal with from your earth, without mankind adding to the situation.

Andromedan Female says: We will guide you to write a manual of survival (mental and physical ) for the coming 100 years. Technology has been having its day—it is time for the power of the mind to make itself known.

Q: Can you show me?

A: Yes we will show you.

(She then took me home to my family to heal them and put the energy in)…………..end.

What is coming in the future?

Recieved in Hawaii

Question: What shall I tell them?

A: Tell them all about us, our ships, our way of being. Earth is in the process of a structural transition. It is changing now, and about to change more, with land, weather, climate and position. It will be nothing you cannot or will not deal with.

You will find when all is done that the most important aspect to emerge is living in LOVE—being happy and content with what you have, and seeing the other dimensions from within that space. When the pressures on this earth to survive are lessened (living simply, with joy) you will walk through into the different dimensions with ease. It is all a preparation for a death in a way. The genetics of the human body are wonderful but flawed, and whilst redressing those flaws, many of you who realise that this body no longer serves will leave it behind as you join the next dimension and beyond.

Q: I don’t quite understand…can you explain more simply?

A: The earth will change---Many will die as always, and the rest will be modified. We are helping to save the human species in its physical form, but with improvements.

Q: How will those improvements happen? What are they?

A: It will be a subtle affair—as you have grasped, with the aid of genetic master manipulators, a frequency band is being activated around the earth. It begins in pockets and will link up using the electromagnetic grid around the earth. It will take up to two years to manifest in people, and there are some that will resist. As you know, frequency can be nullified if the opposing frequency is stronger. Its like giving your PC (earth people) an upgrade—sometimes there are bugs that need to be fixed as the program opens up. We will not know to what extent this will be until the frequency is ‘up and running’ strongly all over the earth.

Q: Oh dear….does it matter where I am?

A: You will be in Glastonbury.

Q: What ….all the time?

A: No, not all the time. We will meet you there. My son will come to you (Andromedan Female’s son). In the mean time, we are doing all we can to educate and inform through people that broadcast on your internet.

Q: How long have you known these beings (the genetic master manipulators) were coming?

A: We have always known they would come back. They have talked with us at the Council meeting place, and it was decided that these steps should be taken in conjunction with the earth’s changes. We can monitor what will happen on earth long before you detect these things.

There is a much bigger plan underway, the details of which are held by many other ET’s—they all have their part to play in this doing different jobs, and taking care of different aspects of the earth. As changes occur we must rescue some elements (birds and animals?) before they are lost forever. A lot of them, we already have—but we will preserve life where we can.

This is one reason why we encourage you to let go of possessions, they only anchor you to the third dimension. When you return home, then you will let go of even more. You will see that being in ‘LOVE’ is enough to raise you to see the coming reality. There will be no need to ‘fix’ human problems/illnesses in the same way as before. We will teach you another way to help others, as we know this is one way in which you manifest your love.

Colorado will be green again, and lush valleys will again be there. It will be cooler and wetter, but humid.

We will talk again tomorrow.

Thursday, 22 March 2007

Removing emotional blocks from the body

Question to the Andromedans via Elaine:

What can be done to remove emotional blocks in our human bodies?

Fear for humans creates a matrix of anti matter and positive ions in the body. It blocks oxygen to the cells and causes aging and deterioration of function. Simple ways of reversing the polarity of the ions is to breathe deeply, begin to focus on appreciation of all that is wonderful.

Look for all that is good, and remove judgement that anything is bad.

I feel you ask about pain, sadness and sorrow.

It comes form the lack of frequency of Joy (obviously), and to dispel positive ions and replace with negative ions, the human body needs oxygen and electrical charge. This can be received from the atmosphere, or more commonly from other beings giving you their love and energy.

You can use your power of intention to focus on areas that feel heavy and dead inside you.

Invoke the energy of being fearless and courageous. Do not be afraid to feel your energy field. For if you do not connect to your energy field you cannot use it to heal yourself or recharge your cells with light.

In the same way, electrical discharge with a lightening storm fills the air with negative ions which promote oxygen in the cells, thus giving the cellular electricity more charge. This then produces light, and this lifts the vibrations, and sadness and sorrow is dispelled.