Friday, 13 April 2007

Into the Future: Wanna Come see our Star Ships?

To put it simply, those people who are ready will come with us and be taken to experience Andromedan starships and other places.

This option will not be exclusive to those individuals with whom we have visited and interacted before; other people who are new to us will choose to come and visit our ships from Andromeda.”

Elaine asks when? And the date 2014 is given.

Elaine: This is a quite a time into the future, so what happens on earth before then?

The Andromedan Male says:

“Between now and 2010 there will be many more contacts between us and humans, with preparation for these events as the focus. You will find that people who have common knowledge of what is about to happen will find each other and get together.

Between now and 2010, the majority of people will spend time discovering how to step outside of the illusory realities you currently subscribe to, and will come to understand the way to leave them behind. As race on planet Earth, you are all in mid-stride of a revolutionary change in your way of thinking.

The pace of this change will be rapid. If you consider the mental leap from the free thinking of the 60’s to the focus on personal power today, you will be aware of the speed of this evolutionary path. The same degree of change that happened then will be achieved in a much shorter time.

There will be a movement out of using logical thinking into linear/spatial right brain thinking.

Within the next five years people on earth will advance much closer to being an intuitive based society, and this brings with it the ability to affect your own reality. Some will make this transition from logic into linear/spatial right brain thinking more easily .

You will all eventually have right brain dominant thinking. Those not into the western world of high tech and finance, those who still live in villages and grow their own food…they already use the right brain more as it serves them better . They will find the transition much more fluid.

In contrast, in Western society where there is a greater attachment to money and material things, people will find it harder to change their views on creating their own reality, and there will be resistance. People will not understand how any kind of change will be possible.

The change is really all about people being responsible for themselves and the situations they are in, allowing for the fact that they can change their reality at any time, and letting go of fear and concern as to exactly how things can work.

There is an upsurge in the recognition of the law of attraction, and this will work well for you if you allow it. You are all so powerful, and do not realise that your thoughts really do create all that is around you. Simply by changing those thoughts and acting upon them, you will construct your new circumstances faster than you could have ever imagined.

Elaine: I am now being shown a great wave which engulfs the coast line of Britain from Cornwall traveling up the coast past Devon and on between Wales and Ireland.

It is like the kind of tidal wave or tsunami that has been experienced in the U.S.A.

I have never seen this kind of thing in Britain before. I can see that this will turn the focus of the British people toward helping each other and will unify them. I feel that this will happen within the next 5 years, between now and 2012. The wave comes in, and thankfully goes out again, like a Tsunami, and I can see that this will not only happen in the U.K. but in other places too.