Saturday, 25 August 2007

Excerpt from Elaines new book from the Andromedans: Work in Progress:Explaining the 4th Dimension

Question: Will peoples awareness of all of this be 4th dimensional? That is, will they only be able to see it in the minds eye, and not with the physical eyes?

Answer: Thank you for the question. I will explain about the 4th Dimension. In a simplified way, the 4th dimension occupies the spaces in between the molecules of the 3rd dimension. All you need to do to be aware of it, is to shift your focus of attention, or your way of seeing things.

The solid matter of the 3rd dimension is visible whilst your focus is still aimed there, and forms your reality. So, instead of continually looking at the perceived reality in front of you, such as a chair or table, look with soft eyes at the edges of everything, perhaps making your eyes slightly out of focus, in much the same way that an artist might look at a tree. When any artist looks at a tree, they see both the tree shape and the negative shapes around it. They are not focusing on what they think a tree ought to look like, but on the shape. This awareness of the space around the tree enables you to detach from logical thinking (this is a tree) and to achieve a perfect drawing of the tree without having focused directly on it. By changing your focus and thoughts you can achieve so much. Detach your thoughts from labeling and naming things, free yourself from learned concepts!

When you see an object in front of you, try looking at the space about halfway between you and the object. With this simple practice, you will soon understand what I am saying and begin to be able to step towards seeing different realities. When you are ready for more, try seeing the space beyond the object, by ignoring what your brain tells you is there. You may not see into the 4th dimension by doing this, as it is just an exercise to train you to think differently. Here is another exercise for you. Look at your table, see what is on it in your third dimension; It could be a book, or a cloth or any number of items. Now look at the surface of the table as if there was nothing on it, use your imagination to visualize a clear table, or maybe no table at all!

Eventually, you will be able to see everything this way, and when you can, you will realise that you can walk through walls as if they were not there, because for you, they will not be there as your attention will be focused on a differently reality.

You will have equalized yourself in frequency with the spaces in between the 3rd dimensional atoms and molecules by the law of attraction and intention, ……You will learn that you can be anywhere you want to be, just by changing your focus of attention.

I often go to my home planet, simply by wanting to be there. I see myself as ‘I am there’ and then I am!

Tuesday, 14 August 2007

Message from the Whale ‘Over Souls’ February 22nd 06

The ET monthly meditation / gathering at Sky Ranch…around the fire, on a clear star filled night.

Message from the Whale ‘Over Souls’ or their ET higher self. February 22nd 06

Via Elaine Thompson

There will be a big sacrifice from Humankind in order to change the ways of Man.

Float with us in Dreamtime.

We have nothing to do all day but monitor the feelings and emotions of the planet, i.e. the atmosphere, the consciousness. We sing to bring harmony and we use our ‘minds’ to bring new concepts into the higher dimensions, ready for you to receive. We bring new concepts and new feelings of love and advice like parents to children.

We try to turn the consciousness of humans upwards, casting impulses of higher vibrations into your web of consciousness, like a net into the sea of your thinking. It floats down from the 5th dimension, and sinks through into your 4th (mental), and 3rd (thoughts, ideas) dimension, where we hope it catches many people with its power and awareness.

We fish for you, as you fish the Oceans. But we cast out thoughts to enhance and help you. We soothe the planet, and we also know when it is time to watch the lion (this planet) roar, stretch and manifest the destiny as it should be.

Remember, all things have happened already, and so all events are perfect. Do not fret or be concerned—all is as it must be.

We borrow the whale when we need to send ‘big’ thoughts into your dimension. They are wonderful broadcasters of telepathic thought. Like huge transmitters, they serve us well.

Remember, however, that they are not our servants, they give of themselves as the highest form in your dimension, freely and with Love. We are them, and they are us.

You see us, and we are the higher dimensional souls of the Whales. Each manifested level or aspect of the Whale is different.

You do not affect the world as much as you think you do, especially with your material pollution—oh no—it is your thoughts, intentions and consciousness which affects the world, and that is what we must deal with and harmonize.

But the Oceans are vast, and the Earth changes will come from the Ocean, because IT IS TIME.

How to expand your Consciousness beyond the 5 senses

Question to the Andromedans: How do you expand your consciousness into the higher dimensions?

First things first,….you cannot go physically, because you would disappear!

Expand your senses and use all 5 plus 5 more, which are:

The first five are linked with logical left brain thinking,---you see, hear, taste, touch and smell.

The second five are accessed through the right hemisphere of the brain:

Sight—using inner vision, 3rd eye and 5th eye (upper vision). By closing your eyes and visualising, then letting whatever you see or feel become real. Be immersed in it.

Hearing: Really listen to the silence, and again, using your right brain, listen to the spaces between natural sounds, like birds, air, sea, atmosphere,……this makes your hearing more acute. Listen for both high and low sounds.

Taste: How many of you eat consciously? How many of you chew every mouthful with your knife and fork laid down and close your eyes and really think about what you are eating or tasting?

Feel the life force and the molecules in your food and be in touch with them as they go into your digestive system. Feel the air pass over them as you breathe, whilst the food is in your mouth, like a wine taster samples good wine.

In this way, you will find you eat less and are more satisfied. Be aware of how alive your food is, (or not, as the case may be)!

It's all about expanding your awareness of everything around you, both inside and out.

Touch: Have you ever put your consciousness into the ends of your fingertips, and really thought about what you are touching?

Doing the blindfold thing – Have you ever put on a blindfold and played the ‘What am I touching’ game?

This works well with tasting as well. This brings you to more acute awareness of the wonderful senses you have, and how much you ignore them most of the time!

Then we move on to feeling energy, this game is the right brain function: to be able to feel the energy of your aura or particles around you.

How many of you have closed your eyes and then tried the ‘How to feel energy’ exercise? I found when working in haunted houses, or sacred sites, or even crop circles,-- that to close your eyes and extend your hands using right brain energy to feel was happening around you is the best way. Feel the tingle of electromagnetic force or sense the energy of the person next to you. Moving into the next dimensions is helped by closing the external input from the eyes which were accept directly to the left brain processing function. So, to begin to really learn, close your eyes and lock into it with your feelings. The Andromedans told me all about the importance of right brain, lateral, or feeling impulses.

Finally, the sense of smell. Here we have an exercise that uses the breath. Simply focus your attention on your nose and lungs, thereby being aware of what you are breathing in and out within the oxygen. So being out in the open is good. Better still, in nature or by the sea. So many of us have deodorised houses, we don't always remember that we are filling our cells with chemicals every time we breathe in. The just being more aware of smell is helps to train the brain to access more information. Think of a perfumier -- One who knows every subtle blend and constituent of a good perfume, and every flower that is used to make it.

Altogether, we are expanding our awareness and feelings into the next dimension- it's as simple as that. It's all just an exercise to enlarge the boundaries of our world and reality. We impose boundaries by not paying attention to everything -- including our bodies and our minds. If you look at the air around you -- you can learn to see the atoms and molecules moving all around you. You can see the wind move, and see the sparkling energy in the air. These are the edges of the fourth dimension, and this is a good place to start.

How can you go into the other dimensions, if you don't know where they are? They extend outwards, and in words from you, and so start with what you have, which is yourself.

The Fabric of the Universe is like my mothers Knitting

The Fabric of the Universe is like my Mothers Knitting. :0)

From The Andromedans through Elaine,.... to all of you out there.

I see 4 strands of energy being twisted together like rope, and the Sirian Being says, let it sit there until you understand.

Just one strand becomes many and all are woven into a bigger thing—like knitting. The 4 chemicals (plus 2 more?) make human DNA, and can be woven into many forms. It can be knotted (like knitting) where it holds tight, but can be unraveled if you wish. Just one knot at each end can hold it all, but even that can be undone.

Wormholes are like knitting—strands of energy, twisted around to form a vortex through which energy or matter can pass. Wormholes are the macrocosm of the microcosm which is DNA.

The answer to ‘what is the Universe?’, is:

One Line……one line of energy can be formed into any geometrical or other shape. It forms everything, and the line never ends or begins—it is a constant flow of energy with forms inside it, like knitting (different stitches and patterns in a garment).

So every ‘thing’ is just another ‘stitch’ in the garment of the Universe. Even though you think you are separate, you are all knots and patterns made of the same ‘string’ or line of energy.

It is the most complex and beautiful ‘thing’ in existence. In fact, it is all that is—and it never ends.

So we are all made out of the same strand of energy, we are just different patterns.

Even though you walk around freely and planets orbit their suns, they are not disconnected—they are all one part of the strand that makes the garment which is the universe. It goes beyond that too, and back on itself, like the open ‘sock’ principle—it turns itself inside out and back again in a never ending torus.

Because the energy is so tightly woven in places, it bounces off of itself and creates more complex forms. This is how chemicals/elements are made. It is self perpetual and ever growing, so when it snakes around itself, and some parts touch, new combinations are made. This is how your periodic table of gases and elements formed.

It is how new mixed race children are created— when one thing touches something new, a new thing is created that was not there before. This is how new species are created, as combinations of previously un-met parts of the strand.

When new behaviours are learned, that is a new strand of knowing. For example, when the strand mixes in the animal kingdom, you call it evolution. It is just the weave and flow of the energy creating new combinations.

When we create something new, it’s like adding another stitch to the fabric of the Universe. When something becomes extinct, it’s like a stitch was undone, or unraveled. The potential to‘re-knit’ is there, (and also to re-knit in another form) but it will never be the same unless you salvage the DNA from the exact place in the energy line before it is ‘undone’. This is like taking a holographic photograph of something and then reproducing it completely from the pixels of the holographic image. It has to be there in 3D, including the energetic pattern, for it to be re-created exactly the same.

People are like stitches that unravel and reform with each new lifetime. The energy strand is still there (the soul), but it reforms into something new, still carrying the energy of the old (past life memory).

Where disaster strikes and things are swept away, as with a tsunami, flood or earthquake, it is the same as a group of stitches coming undone, allowing new forms to be spun from the human and geographical energy. It will reform but never be the same.

Cities can become like big knots of tangled strand. When the strand is too tangled, its energy doesn’t flow well so decay and lack of energy of light and movement occur. This is why cities can be difficult places to live in, because much old energy is held there, without much scope for undoing and‘re-knitting’ into something better.

As the energy strand is alive, and flowing with potential and consciousness, it fares better in a place of constant flow and change. This is why humans find it hard to change. They don’t like to feel unravelled and free flowing.

But only living this way, can you ‘bump into’ another potential, and reform into something new and as yet unformed.

To change is to undo your ties (your stitch) and become a new part of the garment, remembering all the time that every part of the garment is the same ‘one line’, just different shaped stitches and patterns.

When a nuclear explosion or any act of destruction occurs, it cannot be undone, and it rips a hole in the fabric of the universe. Then the edges of that hole start to unravel (compare this in humans to the knock on effects of disaster, which is suffering, grief and trauma). Once the energy of the ‘line’ is changed in this way, it leaves a still point or void into which anti-matter rushes. It takes many eons to recreate the original energy of the line. This is why destruction is different to extinction. Some things alter the energy so much that it cannot be used to create again.