Tuesday, 18 September 2007

New excerpt from latest book from Andromedans

Ptplec is my Andromedan contact for my new book, and here he is explaining about another planet similar to ours on Earth.

How we will be in the future.

Back to the other Planet:

Ptplec: Concerning the civilization on this other planet, they also have much longer days than you do here on earth. Not because of the moons or the Sun, but because they artificially light with the blue light like daylight (mentioned before) well into the night….. such as midnight or two o'clock in the morning.

The people there have decided that they will split their day with six hours of work and then 12 hours of following their own pursuits.

Some people are concerned with planetary things for maybe two days of the week (and I am talking to you in earth’s concept of time so that you can understand), and the rest of the time they are free.

I point this out because when your civilization has advanced more, you will find that there is less need to labour, and have more time to be creative. That in itself will allow the scientists, chemists and biologists amongst you to progress even faster. The feeling and concept he wants to convey strongly here, is that ‘Less is More’.

Less effort, less physical labour, will achieve much more than you ever have before, simply because a lot of the systems and ways you do things will no longer be necessary.

For example: In the time of your Industrial Revolution, it may have taken a week to get coal from one part of the country to another, by barge or train. Everything needed a lot of manpower, effort and time. Although things have speeded up in some places in the world, there are still many areas that take everything by horse and cart, mule or buffalo, and even by foot.

All of this hinges on your concept of money; when we have impressed the importance of ‘less is more’, and you realize that you can achieve things in your lifetime with more simplicity, you can then put your energy and attention to what is much more globally important.

Once realized, you will be able to see the bigger picture I try to illustrate.

Ptplec is trying to give me the whole concept of what it will or could be like with no monetary system. Hardly any labour, more use of telepathy: more self-creativeness, more leisure time, more thinking time. More expansion of the mind time, less quantity but better quality of food; things that grow faster and are more nutritious, and an explosion out of the work and slog mentality into the creational mentality. And within that, you can still create the all the things you need to survive, without all the trappings and frippery that we have now.

Ptplec says the most important things that have emerged on this other planet, are the ability to travel both around the earth, on the earth and into the sea; and the ability to do that without harming the environment in any way. The ability to create things of beauty, inspirational works; the ability to use the mind as never before with telepathy and communication.

Then what comes after the ability to travel anywhere you want is the desire and the progression towards traveling out from your earth into the solar system, and from then out into the Galaxy.

Ptplec: There needs to be a lot of steps taken before you get to that stage, to make it safe, to make it easy and finally to make it possible.

So before you can step on that ladder you need to be in the same kind of format that I have just explained to you, as on the planet where so much has changed. Then you will be ready for the kind of technology that takes you from here to Andromeda or anywhere, in the blink of an eye. As you are now, you could not or would not accept it, could not cope with it physically, and it is just not possible….. or let's say, it is possible, but not practical right now, but it will come in the future.