Wednesday, 30 July 2008

Hi to everyone who reads my blog! I thought I would post these pictures, taken by me on the last full moon on July 17th 2008 in Surrey UK.
I was having fun taking pictures of the moon and didn't even see this UFO in the sky until I downloaded the pictures! I have a series of 15 pictures of light trails and the stationary UFO you can see here. The rest are amazing.......any comments? If you want to see the rest, then email me :o)

Saturday, 26 July 2008

How to expand your Consciousness beyond the 5 senses

Question to the Andromedans: How do you expand your consciousness into the higher dimensions?

First things first,….you cannot go physically, because you would disappear!

Expand your senses and use all 5 plus 5 more, which are:

The first five are linked with logical left brain thinking,---you see, hear, taste, touch and smell.

The second five are accessed through the right hemisphere of the brain:

Sight—using inner vision, 3rd eye and 5th eye (upper vision). By closing your eyes and visualising, then letting whatever you see or feel become real. Be immersed in it.

Hearing: Really listen to the silence, and again, using your right brain, listen to the spaces between natural sounds, like birds, air, sea, atmosphere,……this makes your hearing more acute. Listen for both high and low sounds.

Taste: How many of you eat consciously? How many of you chew every mouthful with your knife and fork laid down and close your eyes and really think about what you are eating or tasting?

Feel the life force and the molecules in your food and be in touch with them as they go into your digestive system. Feel the air pass over them as you breathe, whilst the food is in your mouth, like a wine taster samples good wine.

In this way, you will find you eat less and are more satisfied. Be aware of how alive your food is, (or not, as the case may be)!

It's all about expanding your awareness of everything around you, both inside and out.

Touch: Have you ever put your consciousness into the ends of your fingertips, and really thought about what you are touching?

Doing the blindfold thing – Have you ever put on a blindfold and played the ‘What am I touching’ game?

This works well with tasting as well. This brings you to more acute awareness of the wonderful senses you have, and how much you ignore them most of the time!

Then we move on to feeling energy, this game is the right brain function: to be able to feel the energy of your aura or particles around you.

How many of you have closed your eyes and then tried the ‘How to feel energy’ exercise? I found when working in haunted houses, or sacred sites, or even crop circles,-- that to close your eyes and extend your hands using right brain energy to feel was happening around you is the best way. Feel the tingle of electromagnetic force or sense the energy of the person next to you. Moving into the next dimensions is helped by closing the external input from the eyes which were accept directly to the left brain processing function. So, to begin to really learn, close your eyes and lock into it with your feelings. The Andromedans told me all about the importance of right brain, lateral, or feeling impulses.

Finally, the sense of smell. Here we have an exercise that uses the breath. Simply focus your attention on your nose and lungs, thereby being aware of what you are breathing in and out within the oxygen. So being out in the open is good. Better still, in nature or by the sea. So many of us have deodorised houses, we don't always remember that we are filling our cells with chemicals every time we breathe in. The just being more aware of smell is helps to train the brain to access more information. Think of a perfumier -- One who knows every subtle blend and constituent of a good perfume, and every flower that is used to make it.

Altogether, we are expanding our awareness and feelings into the next dimension- it's as simple as that. It's all just an exercise to enlarge the boundaries of our world and reality. We impose boundaries by not paying attention to everything -- including our bodies and our minds. If you look at the air around you -- you can learn to see the atoms and molecules moving all around you. You can see the wind move, and see the sparkling energy in the air. These are the edges of the fourth dimension, and this is a good place to start.

How can you go into the other dimensions, if you don't know where they are? They extend outwards, and in words from you, and so start with what you have, which is yourself.

Monday, 7 July 2008

A new Workshop meeting Andromedans, Dolphins, Whales and SO much more!

Sounds of the Spheres with the Dolphins
January 25-31st 2009
Joan Ocean and Elaine Thompson
Sound specialists and ET Communicators
A unique gathering at Sky Island Ranch
with the Star nations of great luminous Light.
According to the Andromedans, their Sound Ship
resides in the ethers over the Ranch, available for heartfelt healing and sincere communication. Their harmony and humanitarian love guides us to meet with them in the sea and the sky

Join us for an inspirational and fact-filled week of activity in the warm ocean, enjoying dynamic discussions, cutting edge concepts, phenomenal experiences, deep meditations and contact with our Dolphin friends, Whales, ET’s Sasquatch, Orbs and other ancient civilizations.

Whenever Joan and Elaine get together, unexpected and exciting experiences are a daily happening! Immersed in the Beauty of nature on the slopes of Mauna Loa, we remain in constant contact with our loving friends and relatives of multiple dimensions.

With laughter and song, we facilitate the Light of the New Earth, calling in the highest frequencies of refined Love. Entering those frequencies in codes within, our DNA are activated and new skills and abilities are available. Our Love grows as we join in council, sharing our stories and our mutual spiritual paths.
Seven Days: US$ 1750.
Included: Gatherings at Sky Ranch in Kealakekua, co-led by Joan Ocean and Elaine Thompson, 3 lunches, 3 boat excursions with the dolphins and whales, time on the beach and on the land with the fire the animals, the orbs, the little people and the nature spirits. We will also be joined by Lisa Denning, Oceanic photographer, and Jean-Luc Bozzoli, visionary artist.