Wednesday, 2 May 2007

Star Council in Hawaii Jan 2006

SKY RANCH 21ST January 2006

Tonight there is a lightening storm over the Ocean, and the flashes of light are amazing. I went outside to the courtyard, and tuned in. There is a large ship above the ranch, and on it are what can only be described as a Star Council of Beings. I am told that there are many friends and relatives from other dimensions and worlds that are kindred to the people coming here to the ranch for this gathering.

I see beings from Sirius, Andromeda, Arcturus, the Pleiades, Corina Celeste, the Central Sun Region, Cignus, Draconus, and Jehieva quadrant (of which I have never heard before). They come to greet us and get reacquainted with their fellow souls, who have been away living other lives on this and other planetary systems.

This is a time for both joy and new plans, to update us on the balance of our humanity and to inspire us with new ideas which will help make ripples in the enlightenment of mankind. There will be many ‘grass root’ ideas which although they may not seem as if they are so important, will help and support the new wave of souls who will make the largest impact on society for hundreds of years. Humanities way of thinking will be forever changed for the better. There is a great deal of critical change happening now, and it is time for the old school thinking of your scientists to be swept away. The new science/understanding of energetics is emerging and will herald the way into a new age…but not without casualties along the way. But then every child who learns to walk must fall occasionally.

You are a strong people and will survive well. We are happy and waiting for your communication over the next week and beyond that too, once our bonds have been forged again.

We will attempt to create physical visual effects for you all to witness, and talk over our common history in your dream state. Our vehicle is over your home at the moment, and another is over the water. When you are all in the ocean, we can transmit our mental messages with more ease, and you are very receptive when your levels of joy are heightened.