Monday, 19 January 2009


Golden rules to help you with the coming Earth changes
From my Andromedan friend,PTLAMGANENON

1) Preserve that which sustains
2) Support that which grows.
3) Breathe life into that which is dying.
4) Repair and bring life to that which is old.
5) Reuse and create with what you have already made.
6) Learn again to cultivate and balance nature.
7) Give those that were here before you grace and free will. This includes plants, trees, animals and humans.
8) Learn again that which is lost, such as old remedies, ‘how to’, cycles of the moon, seeds and companion plants, ‘free energy’.
9) Encourage selflessness; gifts and exchange freely, as all is circular; all things will always come back to you in another form.
10) Respect and have honour for all things, such as people, places and ideas.
11) Debate and allow all viewpoints, and see merit in simplicity.
12) Do not own anything; and if one is enough, why have two?
13) Encourage children from the moment of conception with love and joy.
14) Teach others the things you want most for your world.
15) See all as equal – this includes trees, plants, flowers, animals.
16) Do not confine or take the life of anything, be it person or animal.
17) Learn to communicate with all living things. This includes things which you consider to have no consciousness at this time; plants, trees, all animals including fish and cetaceans.
18) Supports each other in creative work and play in whatever way pleases you and gives you most joy.
19) Learn to sing and express yourselves into joyful tones.
20) Realize that all levels of fear are self-created.
21) Remove all boundaries across land or sea on Earth.
22) Aim to become a peaceful united people of Earth.
23) Allow all peoples the right to be who they are without persecution.
24) Seek beyond man created religion for a greater truth.
25) Love yourself and love others in the same manner.
26) Begin within your own family, then follow with your community, and finally spread your thoughts and feelings wider. Use your power of intention for good over a larger area.
27) Honour the creatures of the sea as you would the land animals.
28) Have faith that the bigger picture will reveal itself more and more each day.
29) Allow yourselves to wonder at your unique differences, and allow all to be as it is.
30) Be prepared to welcome other peoples from other worlds and to learn from them.


Anonymous said...

well i already try to learn andromedans of andromeda galaxy which they many beings in andromeda they are also work and memeber of fedeartion of light. they are civilaztion of light beings .by way what years you contact of andromedans did you learn well ?

Andromeda said...


The knowledge of the Andromedans---which is only one of many beings of light, all of whom exist on a higher plane than humans---is available to all humans, but you must seek it first within your own soul. You will know you are in harmony with this path if you are acting in the ways of Love and Truth (Light).

This information will not have the "ring" of Personal Truth to each human, but for those who see the Light of Andromeda in their soul---which is but a meager light in the mind of the All---you will feel the vibrations and know the harmony, or "see" them if you have the gift of sight.

You will experience a sense of love and peace like no other, and once you fully believe with all your body, mind, and soul that you are Eternal you will never doubt again. This is within the reach of all humans who humble themselves.

In order to channel this light, you must humble yourself, for surely you cannot channel the light of a more evolved creature unless you are able to freely push aside your own ego, at will! You must first acknowledge you are nothing, and then you will be filled with light and things will be Illuminated.

If these words do not ring in your soul, and yet compel you, you have either not shed your personal light on your inner truth, OR your guides are located in a different galaxy than Andromeda.

When you are ready, it will come to you.

Elaine said...

Humility is a graceful state to experience, but I do not acknowledge that we are 'nothing'. We are all ''everything'', which includes being part of the creator. Many of us do not realse our unlimited potential as we are not yet fully aware. We are a reflection of everything that is seen and unseen, on many levels. Time unfolds, and awareness grows.
Thank you for your comment :o)

Peter said...

Be true to your source,and that is all you must do to prepare.